Aisu is a First Generation Ice Dragon Slayer. He is an ex-member of Fairy Tail, however the dark blue mark still remains on his shoulder. He is able to freeze an unsuspecting victom with the spell Freeze. He is a weak wizard, but could be powerful if he trained hard enough. Because of this he has been at death's door many times.

He was raised by the Ice Dragon, Iciana.

He recently adopted an Exeed companion, Dai. The green cat is often forgotten about by Aisu and gets left behind. This leads Aisu to call himself a bad pet owner every time he remembers he left Dai somewhere.

He used to be a part of the B Team. It was made up of himself, Lugian Licer, Morti June, and Falcon Ki. After Aisu met Aria the team split up. Soon after that Aisu left the guild.

Aisu has not yet joined another guild and currently is guildless. His new 'Team' is made up of himself, Leroy, and Aria Izzel. The strongest one on the team is Leroy, having recently been a priest. The team is treatened to break apart when Leroy is caught kissing Aria, Aisu's girlfriend.

He has been with Aria for a while. They first met in forest while Aisu was taking a break from Guild life. Since then, they have had each other's backs and helped each other out. When Aria took Aisu to Leroy's village, he found out Aria was really a demon. That caused trouble so they left the village once again.