Akari was created by the black wizard Zeref. However, she was not a demon, but a wizard. Akari's power actually was almost equal to that of Zeref's. When Akari was sent out by Zeref , she ended up being adopted by a nice family.

Deliorah destroyed her village. At the time, she had no idea that Deliorah was created by Zeref. After that, she was reunited with Zeref and evantually fell in love with him.

After she found out about Deliorah, however, her love quickly turned to hatred. She ran away from him and swore she would get her revenge.

Akari became the "white wizard". However, not many people knew of her, as she spent most of her time in isolation.

Akari could do any magic that would counter Zeref's. She also became skilled in many other types of magic, such as The Arc of Time, and, her favorite, the Ark of Embodiment.

Akari's Arc of Embodiment is far more silled than that orf Rustyrose. Even after hundreds of years, all she can think about is revenge against Zeref.

Even though she wants to end his life, she still loves him. He still loves her.

-created by Nami.


She has a kind and caring heart, but that s overshadowed by her lust for vegenance.