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Book Land
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Book Land is a book store located in the town of Magnolia.


Book Land is located within the town of Magnolia.

Exterior Design

Book Land is an average sized two-story building with pink walls. It has two arched windows in the front surrounded by yellowish bricks with a green door between them. The corners of the building are lined with yellowish bricks of size of alternating shapes. A sign can be seen above the door over the point where the first story and the second story meet. The sign is that of an open book with the name of the shop in red. Another sign hangs from a pole, that of an open book bearing the word "book" in black.

Interior Design

A wooden counter manned by the clerk can be seen on the right side once you enter the shop. Books can be seen stacked on the tiled floor next to it. The walls are lined with greenish bookshelves filled with books of different size and colors.