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Wally (Dreyar)



'Wōrī Doreā'






Male Male




1.87m (6'1")


99kg (218 lbs)


April 10 X764 ?

Hair Color


Eye Color

Coffee Brown

Blood Type

O Pos

Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Upper Right of Stomach





Previous Team

No actual official team



Previous Partner(s)

Laxus, Cana, Erza

Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building
First Fairy Tail Building(former)

Personal Status



Makarov Dreyar (Adoptive Grandfather)
Ivan Dreyar (Adoptive Uncle)
Laxus Dreyar (Adoptive Cousin)


Wally Palladino (Yu-Gi-Oh! OC)


Dragon Slayer Magic
Light Magic
Conversion Magic



English Voice

Joshua Seth? (Would be Nice =P )

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Wally Dreyar or later on just known as "Wally" is the adoptive Grandson of Makarov Dreyar. He was found in the front door of the Fairy Tail Guild on April 10 X764. He is currently active in the Fairy Tail roster, but it rarely seen in the guild due to issues with a few guild members and his partial case of anti-socialism. He currently is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer fused with his Light Magic. Most of his body is covered in dark colored scars from a battle in July 4 X778 against an evil Spirit who tried to take his life and swallow up a whole Island in the process.


Wally currently dresses mostly in either a wind breaker jacket, leather jacket, or somethings just a plain old t-shirt from a top. For bottoms he tends to use either blue or black jeans. On hot days he prefers shorts of the same color. He has a tendency to always have his shades on him either it be on his head, over his eyes, or possibly in one of his pockets. He always has somewhat of a serane yet serious look about him like something could be on his mind. He rarely likes to dress up into casual wear, but will when it is needed.


During Wally's youth he was a very cheerful kid and was also very hyper. He tried to be friends with anyone he could around the guild and would. The hyper side of him over the years would evolve into his wanting to become stronger being that Laxus pointed out his weaknesses and light the fire underneath him to improve on his weak points to become the future of Fairy Tail. When Wally returned in X784 the cheerful side of him changed to a more isolated Wally; having partial amnesia he cannot recall some of the events of his past and becomes withdrawn from most members of the guild even though people that knew him in the past received him back with joy. Most of the memories he has been able to piece together were of that last mission that him and Erza went out on and a good amount of his sparring practices with Laxus. He cannot recall becoming friends with Natsu or even getting aquainted with Gray, Mirajane, and the other kids back then. Even though he suffers of the "Hedgehog's Dilemma" to a certain extent he will not hesitate to help other guild members when they're in need of assistance.


Baby Wally

At first for Makarov it seemed that there was something on the ground boucing off the Sun's light. He traced with his eyes where this object was and led him to the guild doors. He approached with caution and then was surprised that he heard cries of a baby. At arms length away from Wally he saw him emmiting powerful magic from his body; light magic that was somewhat blinding. When he picked up the infant a note fell from the side of his blanket saying, " Please take care of my Wally " in somewhat of a sloppy handwriting. Fairy Tail's guildmaster did not hesistate and immediately decided to adopt him and take care of him.

Kid Wally

Being that he was raised by a guildmaster he was somewhat overprotected at first by Makarov. He was taught slowly how to control his magic due to at age five he almost blinded everyone in the Guild's main room when he was surprised by his Grandfather emitting a powerful flash of Light. Laxus as a child also seemed to have somewhat of a complex with Wally not wanting others to play with him until Laxus himself reached the age of 10. The first person about his age to ever interact with Wally aside from his adoptive cousin was Cana Alberona. She spoke to him about her having a secret that she is not sure if she wants to share. Wally didn't really have interest in her secret, but advised if its vital then she should get it off her chest already.

During that time Laxus' Dragon Lacrima started to react to the immense power in Wally and Laxus asked him if he wanted to spar. When Wally declined he insisted saying that he needs to learn how to fight or his chances to become an S-Class Wizard in the future will diminish. Wally being competitive he decided to take up fighting and was pummeled away by Laxus by the mountaineous area not so far away from the guild. It was weeks in the Mountains that Wally kept challenging Laxus to rematch after rematch; the results were the same, but it seemed that Wally was getting stronger and gaining fighting technique after every punch given and taken. He learned how to enfuse his Light Magic into most of his body forming an aura which increases the physical damage he can give his opponents and reduce damage to himself. The drawback was that he can use that ability for a short period of time or it would strain his magical abilities and leave him physically exhausted. It was found out then that even though Wally has a huge amount of magical energy, he can consume it rather quickly. During his last fight with Laxus in those mountains he tried to use a maximum Light flash attack which he nicknamed "smile!" in an attempt to blind Laxus and give him in the process burn damage. Wally blinded himself during that moment as well. It was when Laxus the day after in the guild gave him a pair of shades and told him to use them whenever he were to cast powerful Light Magic.

The first friend he ever had was Natsu Dragneel. They both had a knack for "illuminating" where they were. The closer Wally and Natsu got to be, the less hesistant Makarov was to let Wally make friends with other children in the guild. He also befriended Elfman, but for somewhat of selfish reasons since he tasted his cooking and wanted more. It wasn't even a few days that Wally apologized since he felt bad that he only made friends with him because of his cuisine. During the rivalry fights between Natsu and Gray started to escalate Wally wanted to prove that he was strong and attempted from time to time to interfere and ended up mostly fighting Gray instead of Natsu. It wasn't too long that Mirjane started to pick on Wally since she found out that he had sparring sessions with Laxus and wanted to test how strong did Laxus make him. Most of the time against Mirajane he was on the receiving end, but due to his Light Magic he absorbed a major amount of damage and left Mirajane out of breathe even though she was the victor.

Wally and Erza

When Erza entered the guild for the first time both him and Wally locked eyes for a few seconds, but both didn't see it as anything too crazy. Erza took Wally's place of Mirjane's fighting buddy and it was a competitive pace instead of Wally absorbing most of Mirajanes attacks and causing moderate damage. Wally used that as fuel to try to improve his physical condition; he felt it would be the only way since he has plenty of magic and yet his body couldn't contain it properly. He managed to become strong enough to finally get nominated for the S-Rank Exam. Being that most participants were youthful the first round was decided by a Knockout bracket Tournament. The winners were to complete a second porition of the exam. Wally was paired off to take on Erza; it was an amazing battle which Wally showed better fighting technique thanks to his lessons from Laxus and a few pointers from his Gramps who wanted him to suceed. It just wasn't enough to contain the barrage assaults of Erza force. He ran out of magic when Erza through in the last blow which sent him to the hospital for 3 days.

He was visited in the Hospital on day 2 by Erza telling what seemed to be an unconscious Wally that she was sorry about what she did and also that she wasn't able to become an S-Class Mage being eliminated in the Second Test. Wally spoke in a weak voice, " There's always next time..." Erza and Wally spoke of how he acquired so much power at such a young age. Wally attempted to find out how did Erza become so strong, but was very evassive over the topic. July 3 778 they both decided to take up a mission together which was recently knocked down from being an S-Class Quest to just a regular mission due to a mis-appraisal of it. Originally Wally wanted to go on his own and test his abilities, but Makarov would not let him if he didn't at leas take someone that can make up for his weaknesses. Being that Wally had such a strong magical amount of energy stored in him and Erza's magic increaed her physical strength tenfold it seemed to be a good idea to pair them up together for this mission. The mission was to go to Kujaku Island to exorcise an evil spirit that was consuming a portion of the Island causing people to get sick and their major export the golden flowers to wither away.

They both left to the Island on a small magic boat. During the boat ride Erza taunted Wally that he shouldnt have taken up this mission since this Evil Spirit might be too much for his Light Powers. Wally sent a powerful Light shockwave through the water pushing their boat forward and faster en route to the Island. In the Island they gathered information that this Spirit seemed to be attracted to anything that was either grown from the earth or Light trying to eat away at both to increase its darkness. Not even in minutes of receiving that intel the Spirit targeted Wally seeing him as a meal with the immense Light magic in his body. Wally managed to hold off the malevolent presence with his Light Magic and made it temporarily retreat with his "Smile" attack.

Both Wally and Erza conjured up a plan which Erza was not very approving of the last part. The first thing Wally wanted to do is to get people as far away from the flowers and prairies where he was going to lure this Spirit to one Final fight where he would overexhaust his powers to try to disintegrate that being of darkness into nothing. During his first encounter with it he noticed that his Light magic did a great amount of damage, hence it retreated for the time being. Wally was able to dispatch his plan, but the supernatural being had a plan of its own and started to sink the Island into its darkness in attempt to swallow it up with everyone in it. Wally tried to use his pure Light magic to try to maintain the area somewhat stable and requested for Erza to get everyone to evcuate the Island. Wally's magical abilities were getting to their limit when the Spirit started to talk to Wally on how it would swallow him up and take his friends nearby. Wally notices a small girl like ghost disappearing into the Spirit and it replied, " there's only two of you left..hahahaha!"

At that point Wally shouted to Erza for her to leave the Island and let him fight alone. Erza would refuse as it seemed now the whole Island was shrouded in the darkness of this being about to swallow it. Wally reaches out for Erza seeming to give her a farewell hug, but instead uses a "smile!" attack directly into her eyes and then throws her with all his strength enfused with his Light Magic off the Island. He notices that Erza might still be in the blast range radius and sends a Light slash through the air in the direction of Erza to send her even further away. The Island explodes with hints of Light and Dark magic shooting through the sky. One thing that can be seen only close to the burst of contrasting magics was a faded magic circle of Light with the Fairy Tail symbol in the middle. Wally was not seen by anyone that knew him from the Fairy Tail guild until the year X784.

Return to Fairy Tail

Wally felt a lot of strong magical forces clashing as he entered a familiar city to him which the compass led him to. He arrived during the Battle of Fairy Tail. Slowly the small amount of memories that he has in tact reminded him of a familiar person which he cannot recall the name as of yet. The second thing he noticed were the lacrimas in the air almost in the shape of a halo all over the city. Wally made his way towards the Fairy Tail guild building. The area he was in was correct, but the feeling of the building was a bit awkward for him. The first person in the guild that notices him was Levy who was left in the guild. It was moments after Natsu and Gajeel were released from the Runes blocking them from exiting. He finds out the plot of Laxus which sets off a chain of memories with the name of that person. Wally sets off in direction of where he feels the electrical magic is coming strongest from. Levy was not able to find out who he was since he left so quickly and neither that the number of Fairy Tail guild members went up by one in the Runes posted above the entrance.

By the time that Wally reaches the Cathedral where Laxus is he is starting the Fairy Law attack. He calls out to Laxus somewhat interuptting his concentration. Laxus tries to discard what he sees being his former pupil seeming to be older as just an illusion. When the attack was about to be set off Wally expands his Light charge as fall as he can around Natsu and the others inside the Cathedral exahausting all of his reserves almost collapsing into a knock out. 

Demon of the Past

For some time it seemed that things were back to normal for Wally. During his return to Fairy Tail he shocked many people that knew him and assumed he was dead. He tried to also speak to the Master; his Grandfather for Laxus not to be expelled from the guild. Even though he was one more voice to try to alibi for Laxus it was not enough for Makarov to change his mind. The rejection of his verbal petition and feeling odd around his old Fairy Tail comrades left him mentally weak for an old foe to attack who was hiding in between his scars. The dark color in his scars was not normal, but did not seem to have any effect on him until sometime after the Fantasia and Interview with Sorcerer Weekly's Jason.

The darkness inside those scars was no other than his arch-nemesis who has been feeding very lightly off his physical body and magic; Atem the Spirit of Malice. It has not forgotten over their last battle from six years back and has been slowly preparing for a round two. The only thing that was needed was a moment to strike and the time was approaching the more Wally felt down and his negative feelings offered more of an opening for this Spirit. It's first target was to take full control of another wizard to have a bargaining chip against Wally if things got out of hand.

Magic and Abilities

Light Magic is rumored to derive from the original magic from Earthland. It causes massive damage to beings of Darkness or Malice if pinpointed at a major weak spot.

  • "Smile!" - Wally's first ever technique that he gave a name. The idea came from him being able to blind people by pushing his Light magic outward in a form of a flash of Light. Over the years he managed to focus that flash into one of his hands to send it in the direction where his palm is facing. Including blinding an opponent(s) with that attack he also causes burn damage being that its raw Light magic being pushed at them.
  • Light Charge - This ability lets Wally focus him Light Magic into an aura charge around his body. It is used to both increase his physical attacks with Light magic and be able to absorb more damage from opponents. The drawback to this magic is that after sometime it causes his physical body to exhaust faster than usual. In his child stage he can only hold the Charge for about two minutes and it would start drawing from his own lifeforce to maintain.
  • Hikari no Nami (Translated to Wave of Light) - An attack that he mainly uses to push enemies away from him. He swings his forearm in the direction he wants to send the wave. He used this same attack to send Erza further away from Kujaku Island when she refused to leave him alone to fight the evil Spirit.
  • Light Laser - Similar to his Light Charge except for it can only be generated into one of his limbs. Mostly anything he would strike with it would be cut. He has only used this attack on inaniment objects somewhat hesitant to use on a living being. He claims this move was taught to him by an Angel during the years he was not seen by other Fairy Tail members.
  • Wings of Light - Another skill he claims to have learned from a Celestial Being which forms wings on his back similar to an Angel's wings. The technique is very limited of use for him being that it drains a good portion of his Light magic when activated.
    • Tentai no Hane (Translated to Celestial Feathers)- While he has those wings he can shoot some of the feathers in the direction of his enemies causing Light magic damage.

Conversion Magic is an ability to convert the properties of one magic to have properties of another element. It expends more magic due to the change. During the time that Wally was pressumed dead he learned this type of Magic. He can change his Light magic to have similar properties of Electricity and Fire being that both magics emmit a type of Light. He needs to use more magic to do this and at youth has limited amount of times he can use it before he starts to feel physically tired.

Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Lost Magic which allows its users to transform their physical bodies into a Dragon. As a result, the user can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles. In Wally's case the fusion of a Dragon Lacrima and his Light Magic make him a Light Dragon Slayer. The usual Light Wally tends to eat after learning that ability of replenishment is Sunlight. He has to fly or be at a high enough plane to be able to do such thing though.

  • Hikariryu no Hōkō (Translated to Roar of the Light Dragon)- A Light version of the Dragon's Roar. It sends a massive shockwave of Light energy towards the adversary causing immense Light burn damage and might cause loss of eyesight if enemy is looking straight at the attack.
  • Light Dragon's Crunch - Wally puts the bottom of his palms together, and clamps with his hands at a nearby limb to clamp on. The attack simulates his hands to being a Dragon's mouth crunching into the person's body. It causes Light damage and can possibly draw blood from opponent.
  • Spear of the Light Dragon - An aerial move that Wally has been working on to combo with the angelic abilities he has learned in the past. This attack is done in mid air, Wally uses his Light magic to push himself forward, usually he uses his two legs put together to hit the enemy, but can be modified that he uses his head.

Light of Destruction is a last ditch effort attack that he came out with during his rough training after gaining his Dragon Slayer abilities. He has practiced it inside a cave to see what he can do by letting all of his Light magic out of his body in the form of an explosion. It is a massive sphere that can harm anyone within a 700 meter radius with his Light magic, but would leave Wally almost to the point of losing consciousness.

Fairy Law - One of Fairy Tail's Three signature Magics which can only be applied when the user knows the one he is taking on is a true enemy and wants to destroy that enemy. Its possibly that Wally knows this technique due to his studies at a young age. massive magical energy inside of him, and his Light magic giving him a boost to use it. The only hint shown that he has used this attack once in the past was after Kujaku Island exploded, the Fairy Tail symbol can be seen inside the chaos of the blast.


  • Shades - One of the first items that Wally held close to and always kept over his head when he did not have them on. Given to him by Laxus to use whenever he were to be pushing his Light magic passed its normal limits being that he was blinded once by his own Light magic.
  • Old Compass - An item given to him by the same Angel which raised him for almost 6 years of his life. The item was given to him to show him the way back home when he regained a good portion of his memories. It was given to him, before the angel's demise. He still keeps this item as a memory of the one who took care of him and taught him other magical techniques.


Wally can be damaged by Dark/Shadow magic easier just like he can damage it with his Light magic. He is not one to accept defeat and would force/exhaust all his resources to save someone and not care about his own well being. Wally also sometimes let's his emotions cloud his judgment. Another major weakness comes from his youth, even though he has a large amount of magic in his body; at the beginning it was hard for him to contain such magic when he had to use it. Over the years he has been able to cotrol his magic better and being able to eat Sunlight or any other type of light compensates over the weakness after a dragon larima is fused into his body.


April 10 X764 - Wally is found in the front doors of the Fairy Tail guild.

  • October 26 X764 - Laxus meets Wally; tells Ivan but doesn't care.
  • X767 - Wally goes with Laxus and Makarov to Fantasia and is awed by the lights, people, and floats. Light sparks come out from his body due to the excitement.
  • X769 - Wally wants to start hanging out more around the guild, but has limited movement thanks to his overprotective Grandfather and Cousin.
  • X772 - Sees Cana for the first time. Approaches her a few days after her first appearance on the guild to have a talk with her.
    • Laxus' desire to fight and become stronger awakens by Wally's inner Light Magic.
    • Laxus and Wally begin to spar with Wally mostly being the most physically damaged.
  • X773 - Wally and Laxus go to the mountains nearby the guild to spar ongoing for weeks.
    • The day after they come back Laxus gives him a pair of shades.
  • X775 - Wally learns how to control "Smile!" to being able to make the flash of light be used by one of his hands.
    • He goes on his first Mission with Laxus.
  • X776 - Wally attempts to communicate with other kids of his age in the guild, but seems to be alienated.
    • Wally sees Erza enter the guild and they make eye contact, but doesn't feel like he wants to try making friends with her due to recent rejections from others.
  • August 30 X777 - Wally befriends Natsu and they become great friends.
  • X778 - Wally enters the S-Class Promotion group as one of the younger participants.
    • Wally loses to Erza in the Preliminaries and gets knocked out by her final blow taking it head on with his magic reserves drained.
      • Wally is taken to the Hospital and stays for 3 days.
    • Wally attempts to take the "Kujaku Island" mission on his own, but his Grandfather denies him the permission.
      • Wally insists and Makarov decides to let him go with Erza.
      • July 3 X778 - Wally and Erza leave in the early morning and arrive in Kujaku Island.
        • Back at the Guild when Laxus finds out about this mission he questions to the judgment of his Grandfather letting Wally go with just Erza for the Kujaku Island mission.
        • Not to long after their arrival in the Island they get attacked by the evil spirit roaming the Island.
        • Wally manages to fend off the supernatural being with his Light Magic and causes it to retreat.
      • July 4 X778 - Plan to evacuate the Island's natives is executed while Wally uses his Light magic to try to lure out the spirit haunting the Island.
        • The evil spirit starts to engulf all of the Island in its darkness while Wally is trying to keep a few patches of land around him clear of that power.
          • Before the Island were to be swallowed up Wally advises Erza to leave the Island and let him fight alone. She declines so he blinds her and sends her off the Island with his Light magic.
            • The Island explodes with a spetacle of Light and Dark magic bursting everywhere. Close up the area of impact the symbol of Fairy Tail in a magic circle can be seen fading away slowly.
  • X784 - Wally has been taking on Phatom Lord's reinforcement branches when they were attacking Fairy Tail having recovered a good portion of his memories, but not wanting to rejoin the guild as of yet.
    • During the Battle of Fairy Tail Wally is pulled in by all the magical energies fighting against themselves and his compass shimmering almost yanking him in direction of "home".